3 Possible Dangers Posed By Old Overhead Doors

3 Possible Dangers Posed By Old Overhead Doors

Overhead Doors Repair

Do you have an old garage door installation? If yes, then you’ll probably be facing frequent repair issues. If these damages or repair problems are taken lightly, one can end up landing in serious troubles that might be a stuck door, dented vehicle or severe injuries. Moreover, dealing with an old overhead door isn’t easy at all. A timely maintenance and professional repair service can greatly prevent these issues. But its ideal to go for garage door replacement, whenever you think that you are financially stable for the investment.

Some problems that old doors often face are:

Wear and tear

With prolonged use, the door elements and material is sure to become weak and worn out. This results in wear and tear to the entire door that can greatly restrict its performance. When a door is being operated from past many years, without any maintenance, its elements tend to become misaligned and depreciated.

Sudden fall

Since an old door doesn’t remain that strong as it was before, chances are that it may fall upon the vehicle that is parked just beside the garage door. Its sudden fall can injure you, your pet or any other family member who is working near or inside the garage. There are many reasons that can lead to this fall and the common one out of them are damaged cables and torsion springs.

Easy break-ins

An old overhead door installation can lead to easy break-ins. Since your garage opening is installed from a long time, its material is prone to become weak along with loose hardware elements. This can turn up as an advantage for burglars, who can easily gain entry in your home just by applying a little force on the doors. Moreover, rust is the other reason that makes steel overhead doors more vulnerable to damages.

A new garage door not only reduced the chances of a theft, but also enhances the curb appeal of a property. If your residential door is more than ten years old, think about to replace it from Vaughan garage door professionals.

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